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LGE members are available for speaking engagements

GAHFU at Cal State Northridge


Cultural Dance and Drumming Program:

The Garifuna Cultural Program offers participants a chance to learn and perform various styles of traditional Garifuna dances and drumming method. The purpose of the traditional Garifuna dance class is to preserve, promote and educate the community about the cultural traditions of this rare and almost lost form of Garifuna traditional dance.

While the program is open to everyone ages 5 and above, many of our participants are of Garifuna and Central American decent. Participants learn the traditional Garifuna arts of song, dance and storytelling because folk and cultural arts are an important part of Garifuna heritage. Through this class, participants have the opportunity to join the Lidereibugu Garifuna Ensemble (LGE) and perform at various special events in the community throughout the year. There is also the opportunity to travel to different states to perform.

Classes are offered Saturdays For more information, please contact Erica Zuniga, Director of Arts & Cultural Performances (323) 516-8284 or GAHFU (323) 898-6841

Lidereibugu Garifuna Dance & Drumming Ensemble
Erica Zuņiga, Director of Arts & Cultural Performances

GAHFU showcasing the National Garifuna Folkloric Ballet of Honduras

 Lidereibugu Garifuna Ensemble (LGE)

Lidereibugu Drumming & Dance Ensemble is available for traditional and contemporary cultural performances and/or workshops at schools, colleges, universities and any cultural events.

Erica Zuniga, Director of Arts & Cultural Performances
For bookings and for additional information, please contact Erica at ( 323) 516-8284 or GAHFU (323) 898-6841

You can visit LGE's facebook page for more information and beautiful pictures of the different performances around the community:  www.facebook.com and type Lidereibugu Garifuna Ensemble and make us your friend.  You can also watch video performances on www.youtube.com by typing LGE, Lidereibugu Garifuna Ensemble or GAHFU in the search window.


The Lidereibugu Garifuna Ensemble (LGE) is atraditional and contemporary  cultural vocal, dance, and drumming group based in Los Angeles, California. Comprised of Garifuna men and women who were born in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and the United States, this cultural Ensemble was formed out of the ranks of the Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United, Inc.'s (GAHFU) Garifuna Language & Culture Academy of Los Angeles.
"Lidereibugu" means "Powerful" in Garifuna, and LGE has evolved under the leadership of Erica Zuniga, the Director of Arts & Cultural Performances. As Garifuna women and men connected to the lands of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Yurumein (St. Vincent), LGE's objective is to continue preserving our rich Garifuna culture through traditional and contemporary song(s), dance(s), and drums. We are the lifeline of the Garifuna culture and it is our legacy to maintain and share it with the world.
LGE's recent performances include the Grand Performances Downtwon Los Angeles during ACTA's opening of its LA location, Irie Seabreeze Fest at the Long Beach Queen Mary Events Park, "Dia De Los Muertos Festival" at the Hollywood Forever Park; Casa De La Cultura Maya's event "Mesoamerica and its Maya Ancestral Knowledge"; opening for the
Ballet Nacional Folklorico Garifuna de Honduras; the "Forum and Fundraiser for Haiti" with Actor and Activist Danny Glover; opening for Aurelio Martinez at Los Angeles "Gran Festival Hondurenisimo"; and the "Punta Rock for Education Summer Concert". University and College performances include UCLA's Latin American Institute; California State University, Northridge's Central American Research and Policy Institute; and Cerritos College.

Artistically Yours,

Erica Zuņiga, Director of Arts & Cultural Performances


Garifuna Drumming & Dance Ensemble Performing Live
Caribbean American Heritage Awards 2013
LGE Will be Performing Live at this Event

LGE at the CAAM - California African-American Museum Exposition Park in Los Angeles


Lidereibugu Garifuna Ensemble participated in the opening of ACTA's Los Angeles office at the Grand Performances downtown.

GAHFU does not offer membership however, we are fortunate to have the volunteer involvement from the community of concerned citizens who are dedicated towards the preservation and dissemination of the Garifuna culture. GAHFU reserves the right to terminate volunteer staff and program participants from any of its programs without cause or notice.  Volunteer board, officer, staff and volunteer program participants (students and LGE participants) have the same rights to resign from participating and volunteering with GAHFU without cause or notice.